Internet Browser

Is Chrome the king? I've been using chrome for a while but are there good alternatives, Firefox?

I've used IE, Firefox, Safari, I never touched Opera or that Rocket...something... Rocketmelt? I forget...

Anyways, I wasn't really at all happy with the other browsers until I started using Chrome. There are probably something I like from each other browser I used along the way that Chrome lacks, but I find Chrome so much pleasing in terms of convenience overall. And it is quite fast in a way.

Then again, it might just play down to personal preference in the end.

Chrome is the best just because it's the fastest. If it wasn't as fast as it is, I'd probably still be using firefox.

I use google chrome. Unless my desktop decides it dosen't open it up or give me errors

Chrome is the king.

I too used to just use Firefox, but Chrome is more lightweight, and allot faster and instant. Plus I like its simple layout and has been tested to have slightly better download speeds than Firefox.

For some reason Chrome some times crashes my laptop's graphics card when playing flash. So I've stayed using firefox. But I liked Chrome. I was still learning how to get to the options for things I wanted since it kind of hides too much stuff. But I liked its simplicity, light weight and how fast it was.

Lol, I'm not sure what people mean about chrome being "light weight." It's fast, which is great, but it's fast because it's a memory hog. I'm not complaining about it, but I wouldn't call Chrome light weight, when it comes to memory anyway.

It uses less memory than than FF on my system for some reaon

Fire Fox Master Race reporting in.

you do relize theres at least a minimum of like 5 running tasks for chrome?  That and every new page starts another task?

Never compared that, only compared with one window each.

All I do know is even 20 youtube windows open in Chrome isnt a problem for anyone with 4gb or more of RAM and is pretty darn fast

That's true, and it's not really a problem for most people, but it does use the most memory out of any other browser. I'm not worried about it though because I have 8GB of ram, and I'm glad that most of it is being used when I have a bunch of browser tabs open, itunes up and running, and a game running at the same time.

I did a test erlier to see how much I could fill up my memory lol.

I had running;

Antivirus, Steam, Winamp, Foobar, BF3 64 player Kharg island map, I think it was around 40 loaded youtube video tabs.

I got to 6.7gb!!!! lol, and the PC wasnt slow either.... its amazing how it can handle so much, I want to see if I can reach 8gb!!!

Yeah, I think the highest I've ever gotten is around 6GB, lol. There's always part of me that's tempted to throw another 8GB kit in, but I would never even use it, lol.

Lol yeh, not even worth it. It would limit overclcoking your CPU as much and may make it a little hotter for the sake of no reason.

ok, one browser is not faster than another.... if you have an internet speed, thats how fast you download the page....  the only difference is if the data appears real time or if it is loaded into a buffer then displayed.

the wonderful thing about firefox is you have access to all the settings with about:config

if you know what you are doing you can get it to display just as fast as chrome, and you can customize it to your liking.  so yeah, firefox user reporting in... i tell people who are bad with coumputers to use chrome, becase there isnt much they can fuck up.


The only thing I don't like about FF anymore is the idiotic use of version numbers.. We are currently (REALLY) at 4.8   , NOT version 12...

I enjoy Firefox, I tried to use chrome (forced myself to use it for a month), I just found it too involved however, I don't like the UI, and the way bookmarks are handled. I also feel that Chrome, while nice, is just a bit too google branded. I recommend anyone who actually wants to use the real chrome, to use the chromium project instead.

Bookmarks is one thing I really like, not sure how you could dislike them?

Just click the star if you want to save a page, and enable the bookmark bar so all your bookmarks are on a task bar, real simple quick and easy.


I dont think its branded either at all..... the only thing I see is my hotmail home page, all my bookmarks allong the top, the address bar which doubles up as google search if you need it, the website Im on, the settings, back, forward and refesh buttons, and ad block which I love!



i like the fact i can do parsing on the urls i type in on firefox, for example, i can make "youtube: amon amarth" search that on youtube... i can do all sorts of nifty stuff with stylish / grease monkey. firebug has to be the best in browser real time html / css / dom editor and viewer.

firefox has addons from changine colors to macros to changing the http headers. you can fully tweak it, its open source, the community on the irc is amazing... tldr... firefox fanboy