Internet access tax - USA

I hope they don't make the mistake of doing such a thing.

Yay more things I have to pay for. Fun.

Yup. Hopefully it does not happen. Comcast is already charging an arm and a leg for the internet out here, If it gets any more expensive I might not be able to afford it.

Putting a tax on Internet access has been compared to charging people to enter [THERE PRIVATE] a physical shopping mall

Computerworld... You are being silly... Also that would be a very silly idea, but why not, why make this big deal over what taxes are charged on and not total taxes. That is what objectively matters at the end of the day.

Unbelievable! Putting a tax on the internet, that is pathetic. The tariff will eventually cause big ISP's to collapse because demand for internet will fall; not good idea.

Demand for internet access is inelastic, people will pay the access tax. FYI 10th amendment allows the states to implement sovereign franchise and ignore federal legislation on a case by case basis.

This is how recreational drugs can be illegal federally but on a state level likes colorado, It is legal, as an example.

I'm just a foreigner, but after what happened to your telco act from 86, IMO all your ISPs should cover these costs.

I am proud to present The Internet Access Tax. Where we completely destroy the middle and poor class by not offering cheep high speed internet. Yep the glorious tax system that is now being used to redistribute the wealth. Good job!!!!!!!!

FYI for these which didn't read the article, non  then renewal of a federal law preventing local/state governments for l from implementing internet tax is not the same as internet tax being applied.

Furthermore from a legal standpoint there is nothing stopping