Intergrated or Discrete graphics for 1080p MKV. playback? Feedback?

Happy Holidays! Apologies for posting on the Day of Chrismas. :3

I'm looking at getting a Ultrabook for ease of carring around, I'm tossed between the UX31 (Intergrated graphics) and the UX32VD (Discrete graphics). The UX31 appeals to because of the SSD, but no Dedicated GPU, but atst, the UX32VD has all that but no SSD nonetheless is upgradable. I'm pretty much decided on going with Asus for the Ultrabook, being they are a solid company. I primarily want to use it for multimedia (music, movies and prolly some gaming) and everyday use (Internet, email etc). But the one thing that I've tried looking for on google but can't seem to find resolution is if Intel HD 4000 supports MKV, and if so, being I watch a lot of 1080p movies primaily in MKV video format, I'm just wondering can Intel HD 4000 playback that format well, or do I need to bump up to Discrete grapics?

Thanks in advance! :)

if you can switch between discrete and integrated on the ux32vd then pick that one and upgrade to an ssd later.

otherwise both are fine for 1080p playback in any format.