Interesting Safe Mode Boot Fail Mashup

Hey there,


I've been scouring the net lookin' for a solution to this bastard. 

Occasionally (quite random), I'll turn my computer on, and the monitors stay mostly black. (DVI based monitor stays off; VGA monitor displays a little bit of scrambled colors along the top 2 or 3 layers of pixels). After attempting to boot into safe mode, safe mode will start to load the drivers and whatnot on in that black on white format, and when it would normally enter start mode, it just restarts. Then, my computer boots up just like normal, and everything is fine. 


Thanks for any help, guys. 'Preciate it. 

This is also my first post here, so, woohoo, I'mma flippin' nub. 

Could be your PSU struggling to supply enough juice to your gpu upon a cold boot. Could be your gpu itself even. Gonna have to test machine with new psu, swap out the gpu or run off igpu if there is one for awhile if symptoms persist move onto the next component.

Could even be your powerboard that you have everything plugged into as well.

Alright, well, I know my GPU is fine, Tested with another rig. PSU should be pushing beyond what is needed, with 850w. I'm gonna try the power board idea though, 'cause I am using a kind of shitty one atm. I'll update when I get back. 


I also should note that when this does randomly happen, the computer will continue to not boot until started in safe mode. I think this should disprove the power situation. 


Thanks though.