Interesting Coffee table PC Photos

I am thinking of making a coffee table pc, think they are interesting and seeing all the different ways people have made them always makes me want to make my own.

This one from is pretty neat, almost like an end table. Kinda cool the way he has the CRT in there.

So if you have any cool pictures of coffee table PC's, or if you have made one of your own, I would love to see them!
Any tips of what to do/not do if you have built one would be appreciated as well.

And This One from imgur is pretty neat with a ton of pics on how they built the table and what components they have in it.


I'd probably make one simply from a laptop that i removed from the chassis.
Actually, you could build it into a breakfast bar and make it like those pacman/tetris tables at some pubs. I'd love to have one of those.

begins scheming


Arcade gaming is what I would do with one mostly tbh, seen some crazy ones online with pop out arcade panels and what not. I loved playing pacman on a setup like you are talking about when I was younger.

I like the laptop idea, I have a few with broken screens laying around....

This was kinda neat, loud as all hell but still.

Now this one is cool, not an all in one with the screen in the table but has the whole arcade feel to it.

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lol I think it is, I know I'm easily amused