Interesting Blue Screen While Gaming

So I'm playing The Division on Saturday night with Dolby Axon and Spotify open playing some music and talking to a buddy. Fairly standard low impact on cpu stuff here.

When out of the blue the game locks up and then the system immediately after resorting in a blue screen with "clock watchdog timeout" as the only info given. It says collecting info then restarting but was at 40% for like... 5mins. So impatiently I turned off the psu and loaded back up as fast as possible only opening axon and the game this time and played for probably 12 more hours (my only time to play is weekends so I play all weekend).

Had the exact same issue Sunday night with the same exact programs open but this time it reset and actually restarts itself instead of hanging. When it starts I get what looks like a fresh boot screen and it relocates all devices and resets to a clean bios... No more cpu overclock, reset my boot order, reset all fan curves etc you get the idea.

I7 5820k @ 4.4
1000w corsair psu
Msi x99a gaming 7
2 msi 980tis in sli
Windows 10 64bit home

All up to date aside from nvidia drivers because of crappy sli support in the division on any of the new drivers and more reported bugs in the latest driver release.

Error seems to only occur when spotify is open with the division. Events occurred during high action in game as well as standing in the base of operations idle so high and low stress points.

Spotify plus battlefield 4 for 6 hours didn't have any issues.

Google didn't help so I'm just looking for some ideas here as to why this is happening.

Watchdog means your OC is not stable. From what I heard on the net you need to increase your SA voltage (vccsa) from stock to something higher.

Wow damn... For an OC that is like... 6-9 months old I'm surprised it took until now to do this. I've played bf4 with music, teamspeak, obs recording and Internet browser tabs open with not a hitch or stutter... The division must just push the cpu in a very different way.

Well CPUs wear down over time especially if put under a lot of stress. Hopefully no damage is done xD

Any reason for the 4.4 OC?

Just saying, you have a 6 core with 12 threads, and 15mb cache. I just built one of these, and I didn't see any reason for OC, other than bragging rights.
As mentioned above, prolonged use can damage your chip.

The OC actually helped with OBS streaming/recording. Not so much that it was super necessary. I'll probably leave the oc off anyway because I don't care to remember the settings I had and mistakenly didn't save them in any way so I'd have to redo the oc altogether. I've seen no performance difference in games with or without it so I'm fine with it being stock. I'm probably gonna swap the chip out anyway for something new if the broadwell-e stuff is nice and then use the 5820k to build a pc for my buddy who just can't afford to build a tower.

Well looks like you were right. Played for 6 hours with no issues last night.