Interested in mobile gaming form factor as computer, is there a good enough unit yet?

I, like many of you, am very interested in the steam deck. So much so, that I want either a steam deck, or a machine similar enough to it that Ican do things like use Krita, or stream from it.

This would be huge for me. I have been known to mod game consoles to replace laptops before, and this is like the best of both worlds for me, as well, fitting as an excellent replacement form factor for what I wanted my x230t for, minus having an sd card reader and seven usb ports lol.

So what I am trying to figure out now is, will any of these units use a windows tablet pen? doabyof them super stand out to yall?

Atm the only ones I am relatively interested in are the Steam Deck and the Ayn Odin. If the unit can’t do ps2 ggames I legit do not care at all. Bonus to the steam deck for hitting all 3 playstations, but mobile .HAVK is enough for me. Mobile sonic 06 would be the icing on the cake.

Features I beed:
Pen integration
Good Dock (odin dock is wtf levels good)
Linux / Windows RT availability
64gb storage built in min, needs to be expandable

As seen above, architecture is irrelevant. But havibg linux or windows would make things easy.

Atm the Ayn Odin Pro is what I am most interested in, and its possible I end up getting both anyways. What say you reader?

and no I don’t care about any aya devices. the only one relatively worth anything costs as much as an ebay of the popes shit. nah fam

I am an idiot and conpletely forgot this was a thing.

I am going to research dualbooting an ayn odin and looking more into it. I think I will get one of these to try the platform out. I super impressed with the dock, and if performance says anything I should be able to play the games I like on this thing PERFECTLY FINE from emulation to steam. but just as a try out.

I am going to be looking into these platforms soon as a genuine i terest

Actually thinking about this rq. I think I will get the Odin Pro or the Base. Theres too many reasons to try it out, and the dock, like, ugh, fuck I see exactly what they were going for and its exactly what I want. All I want to know is can I use a pen with it.

Please Ayn please

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The fine folks from GPD surely has something you need/want.

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I have looked at those stupid tthings a billion times and they are completely useless for me.