Intel Xeon E3-1275V3 vs i7 4770K

I am going to be building a new computer pretty soon and am wondering which of these processors is the better choice for me and why.

These are both quad core processors that have a lot of similarities:
Clocked @ 3.5GHz
8MB of L3 cache
Based on Haswell
Only ~$20 apart

I am a Computer Security/Forensics Student, so I need significant number crunching power because I do a lot of file carving and hash calculations, as well as running a good number of virtual machines simultaneously.

However, when I am not working, I am a pretty hardcore gamer. I have heard that the i7 is better for gaming and the Xeon is better for productivity... But since I'm going to be doing a lot of both I am not sure what would be the better pick! How much will my gaming performance suffer with the Xeon? How much will my productivity suffer with the i7? There aren't very many websites that computer Xeon and i7's in the gaming realm so any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

My other parts of my build were probably gonna be 16-32GB of ram and a GTX770 (or 780 if I can fit it in my budget)