Intel X79 ready for LGA2011 Sandy Bridge-E process

[quote][b]Intel X79 looks to become the official name of Intel's next generation enthusiast chipset. With a launch date set for Q4 2011 Intel has skipped the 6 series of chipsets and instead focus on the 7 series starting with the enthusiast platform LGA2011. Intel X79 has been revealed by leaked slides.[/b][/quote]



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lulz, akimbo posted this in the irc yesterday. looks promising

Well... Shit's gonna be goood.

Getting it

oh then my bad

thats looks great! I've never had an Intel, so I am really set on getting an intel cpu in my next upgrade. That is unless the new AMD cpus hit the sweet spot. I can't wait


What happened to PCI-E 3.0?

One bummer is that I read there is no usb 3.0, not sure if it is just a rumour. (for the lga 2011). Can anyone confirm if that is true or not?

I don't see why it wouldnt be.

If it's not on stock x79 chipset, then the other producers will add an own controller for it most likely.

all i know is ivy bridge is getting PCIe 3.0

There is still no reason for it NOT to have usb 3.0.. Just because it isnt known yet, doesn't mean they wont implement the newest version of tech on the newest [i]enthusiast[/i] boards (lul)