Intel Wireless Adapter on Threadripper / X399 does not work

Asrock x399 Tai Chi WiFi not working
I have windows 10 installed.
I never used wifi on desktop pc but now i need to use it.
When i unplug LAN cable i see this this icon on bottom left corner:

When i go to “Start” >> “Control Panel” >> “Network and Internet” >> “Network and Sharing Center” >> “Change advanced sharing settings” >> I have “Turn on network discovery” enabled.

As far as i know i should get available WiFi connections visible when i clikc on the WiFi icon on bottom right corner.
Tho i have not installed any special drivers or software regarding the MB.

AsRock WiFi connector utility is also installed and set to ON but issue remains.

I dowloaded drivers from here Taichi/index.asp#Download


Manually turn on systems settings in your os ? Right click the icon and go to wifi and take a look.

Edit…I just watched the vid. :slight_smile: I would be tempted to try automatic connection( instead of manual connect ) and reinstall drivers. Be sure to use a good uninstaller Revo…whatever , first. Go through the entire settings chain all the way into the bios. Maybe default the bios.

Make sure that your wifi devices enabled in device manager.

My Ryzen X370 intel/based wifi does not work well…to the point of needing to use something else. Constantly buggy and inconsistent.

Other than that ? I can not help you much. Someone here may, tho.