Intel to abandon socket based CPU in 2014

It look like Intel will abandon socket based CPU's in favour of system on chip cpu using ball grid array, which the user cannot change once installed. it appears that the last socket bassed cpu will be the Haswell on the 1150 socket. The first fullfeature bpa cpu as some intel atoms are on bga will be the broadwell range of cpu's due 2014.

This will mean enthusiast class user will be left with AMD as the only mayjor socket bassed cpu maker, which is bad becaue they could start charging premium prices.  a good link here for more info

That's not entirely true. Firstly in that a BGA isn't that bad for enthusiastes. It just meens you need to buy the CPU you want when you make your build; Which sortof makes sence.

Also, AMD said that they are commited to LGA only until 2014, so they could change at the same time.

no offence but some of theese people that write theese articles can chat some shit, il give him credit where its due though the chap writting this did say this was all based purely on rumour. but what really brings into question the validity of the article writers was the follow up article link at the bottom, which was about haswells shared graphics. the article writter was trying to claim on the numbers he gave that a quad-core haswell cpu clocked at 3.8GhZ would be able to outperorm a single gtx680 on double presision floating point operations, im sorry but that made me chuckle. a gtx660 puts out just over 1800 FLOPS and the figure he gave for the Hasswell on shared cpu was just  972 FLOPS. don't get me wrong thats pretty amaizing for shared graphics and it will definately put a bit of heat on amd/nvidia but for crying out loud he really needs do his research before makking such outrageous claims 

The uk tech press has also picked up on this stroy as well, they seem fairly convinced by the info, it might turn out to be bs.  The coverage it is getting in the printed tech press woul suggest there aleast a small ammount of truth in there.

What I am really interested in for nextGen (or soon nextNextGen) is DDR4 

yeah a small bit of truth indeed, personally i think bga's would be offered to the mobile market at least at first. as that's where they would be apreciated the most to begin with. i do feel though this article is intendid to ruffle enthusiasts feathers more than anything though by making statements like desktop sales are rapidly declining. that's just too general and open too interpritation, he could be talking about the public sector or the corperate sector, or even components distibutors. or could be just makking it up lol. but my point is there is no eveidence given to back up a claim like that to give his article weight. admittidly journalists irratate me, they get a chance to get input on subjects of interest and they choose to communicate there personal views and theories on why something is or could be happening in a very un-canny way and even sometimes try pass those views off as fact, even if they make the audience aware of the fact that the primary article subject is based on speculation.

I have done search on the broadwell cpu and most sites seem to be going with the same story, but as I said it might be bs, just thougth it might  be interesting.