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Intel Skylake non-K overclocking still possible


Hi peeps

as the title suggests, I want to know if its still possible to overclock a non-k Skylake chip or are there any things from Intel or Windows that prevents this?


No you couldn’t do this ever since intel released the micro-code update. And even then you, would need to get one of the earlier production run models.


Are you sure? I’ve seen a lot of videos showing off the BLCK overclocking on non-k parts. There are special BIOS versions for it.


Sure you can do BCLK overclocking but thats also going to overclock your ram, PCH, sata controllers, etc… at the same time and wont net you that much in the way of frequency. Also you need a Z series chipset to really make that happen in the first place since the VRM implementation on non Z parts is meh. Since you would be spending the money on an overclocking board you might as well spend the extra money on the K sku part so you can overclock the proper way with multipliers.

If you want to go super cheap and use some b150 or h170 board that might do BCLK good luck getting a stable clock out of it. Its not worth even attempting IMO.


I have a MSI Z170 Gaming M5 and an i5 6600. I’ve read that you can put the BCLK as high as 140 MHz without problems. You can just dial down the memory frequency multiplier and it will be fine. Haven’t finished my build so I couldn’t try it myself yet.


Why not just get the 6600k if you wanted to overclock. Its literally the same price

Good luck with that. Maybe it will work for you.

You can dial down the multiplier but you cant dial down the I/O on the board.


You could get around the micro update, there was a site with bios’ that I had bookmarked… I have it no more.

A stock 6600 will, in no way, be a terrible quad core. Use it, enjoy it.

If you do OC it, you should know you will lose features of the CPU: per core temp monitoring, C-States, cache speed, and other things.


I got the mobo and cpu used for 110 Euro, quite a good deal.


Yeah also the iGPU. Thanks for the link.


That’s stupid high! prepare for corrupt everything!
A 40% overclock without problems?

Look in my bio
I5 4690 (non K) @4.12Ghz on all cores
That’s the absolute max i could do with bclk overclocking while keeping everything 100% stable for everyday use.
That’s a BCLK of 105Mhz

(for anyone wondering why bio says RX480 and uB says RX580: )


Like others have said you wont get much out of a BCLK OC. ive personally never seen anyone get past +/- 5% OC and even then it tends to be somewhat unstable as stuff like sata drives can just start dropping out while being used.


Its different for skylake. Less of the board is running from the CPUs BCLK. He could get more out of it. I don’t see 140 happening but it can go higher.


I only see this being a good enough investment if you already had the chip or got it for a ridiculously stupid-low price. Otherwise the trouble is not worth it when compared to the current offerings.


Although I would still fork over the cash for the K if I wanted to OC. Its just dumb relying on BCLK to push silicon. If it were me, I would get a b150 board and the 6600k or 6700k and sell off the b150 with the non k cpu so I could make the money back and do it the right way.


A quick update:

I got my PC finished now. Did some testing, managed to OC my 6600 to 4,6 Ghz without much effort (20 min). BCLK is at 140 MHz right now. Voltage is around 1.22 V.