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Intel proposes new SAPM memory type to protect against Spectre-like attacks |

Did anyone else see this? I thought, perhaps assumed, that all new CPU’s would have implemented a hardware fix for this by now.

CPU designs take years from proposal, to theoretical design, soft implementation, through redesign, foundry, validation, qualification, tape out, etc before actually shipping to market.
Something as fundamental of a VLSI ( Very Large Scale Integration ) design change like SAPM is 5 years away or more given that it’s only now been proposed.

That doesn’t mean though that other less invasive changes haven’t already been made to reduce the ease of exploiting and creating speculative execution based attacks against hardware in the wild.


Thank you for the insight.

You seem to have great insight into this. AMD’s chips, at least to my knowledge, are not vulnerable to these issues. Is there an impediment of some kind, that you or anyone else is aware of, to purchase licensing to implement that technology in the interim. Perhaps the architectures are two dissimilar.

As a customer of Intel, and someone with Xeon E5 v2’s which I paid a fortune for, I instantly lost 50% of their utility, my time, money, and security due to these issues. I can’t understand why there isn’t a class action law suite against Intel to provide all those enterprise class customers with new hardware. The cost, I’m sure, is very high. However, the input materials and infrastructure for making that goodwill gesture are low in relative terms and require minimal adjustment. This sort of act of goodwill to it’s most loyal customers is valueless, especially to Intel’s credibility, especially because this problem originates from a flaw in it’s core business and competency. The sum of the time lost due to these issues, processing time, power consumption, manpower analysis costs, etc borne by the rest of us as a result of this issue, acknowledging that we expend more than double for these enterprise class products to avert precisely these kinds of basic issues, would seem to obviate the need to make right by customers with replacement hardware. The reality of this is really sort of outrageous.

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