Intel NUC Thunderbolt Issues

I use an 8th gen NUC (NUC8i7BEH) for light gaming and media consumption in my living room. I have it connected to a Aorus Gaming Box 1070 eGPU. Recently, after a reboot, thunderbolt seems to have gone completely.

I thought maybe there was in issue with the eGPU, but thunderbolt is completely gone from device manager. Looking on Intel’s site, it appears there are 2 thunderbolt driver options. The only one includes a standalone installer and installs but shows no devices.

The second is just the driver and instructs me to install via Device Manager. In the instructions, it indicates that it should be appear in Other Devices, which it does not (I did show all devices in the menu).

In addition to this, I have tried all 3 of the thunderbolt security modes in the bios.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any other thunderbolt 3 devices or computers so my troubleshooting abilities are very limited.

One last weird thing. The usb hub from the aorus box does appear in my devices… so that’s something I guess. I just don’t know where to go from here.

Hallo, I have the same problem, did yiu solve yours and if so HOW!!

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I’ve found that updating bios on the nuc resolves these types of problems.

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I also resolved this with a BIOS update once, though the TB port failed entirely a month after that and I had to RMA it.

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In my case the problem was caused and subsequently fixed by a bios update.

Check if the egpu didn’t zap the tb3 controller. (Unlikely)
Also see if a driver was pushed that changed firmware on the egpu might not work with the tb3 controller like early apple tb3 being hit or miss communication cause firmware not hardware andor chip variation between runs on the egpu / nuc