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Intel is finally moving forward (after 7 years on TIM)


I thought this was quite amusing…

So Intel started using solder;

and then;



First link:
While it is great to hear, only the top chip?

Second link:

engineering samples

I take this with a massive amount of salty grains


I wouldn’t expect anything less, from Intel. Personally, I wouldn’t even consider buying Intel until they sort out Spectre and Meltdown. But that’s just me…


So never?

Risk assessment - I don’t own a data center or public cloud. Spectre and Meltdown exploits are probably not going to be targeted at me.

Also, half of your concerns for Intel to “sort out” impact AMD too.


Shhhh. I own AMD stock.


Meltdown is a bug. Intel can fix it. I wouldn’t buy an intel CPU until they do.

Spectre is an emergent consequence of CPU designs for the past 20 years and will be much harder to really fix.


I’m not one to root for the whole red vs blue debate but Intel gotta get their $#@! together if they wanna compete again. This change to soldered CPUs should be, at worst, their first step of many to come.

My next purchase will be one that lasts for at least 4.5 years. Not everytime a new meltdown/spectre gets discovered. TR2 is out the corner and Black friday’s coming up…


The problem will be the drop in performance from changing the way things work under the hood. Let’s not forget some of those flaws are physically impossible to fix.


Must have been something good :wink:

Meh, I’m not too concerned about it. Juicy af i9 is too good to pass up, I think. And it’s less than $1,000 right now

Hey, me either!

I think they’re doing just fine.

Sounds like a plan. I was considering ThreadRipper but I may go i9.


No. People keep confusing Meltdown with Spectre. They can straight-up fix Meltdown as it is an actual bug.

Spectre, that will be tough to fix.


two days


I just want them to fix Meltdown and L1TF in hardware because those actually affect performance. Spectre already affects everyone, so it’s up to OS maintainers to implement low performance impact security implementations.

Meltdown and L1TF don’t exist on Zen, so I’m likely going Threadripper 2 once VFIO is sorted out.


So its more Intel headline grabing while not actually doing anything at all.

Top chip will be hugely expensive and pretty much beyond consumers and not utilised fully if they do get it.

The 8 core one? Interesting way to dodge the hyperthreading bug and potentially increase performance. I do not expect this to be soldered upon release. If hardware vendors are testing with soldered chips we may end up with a Mac situation where they are just overheating all over the place and you have to download some VRMs to fix it… By which I mean limit the CPU performance with a patch after release.