Intel i5 4570 start-up high temps

Hi there,

Me and my friend just built my first computer and I have a problem.

After running through the steps of plugging things in and making sure cables are in the right spot, we started up the computer to its BOIs set up screen. At first my friend(Who has a little more experience then I do) gave a worried look at the fan speed. This was at 40C, and now 10 minutes later its fluctuating between 48-50C.

It's also a note that we thought the fan could be spinning the wrong way? Is this temperature too high? We watched it start up and it looks like its scooping air and pushing towards the heat sink... we're not sure if this is correct or not.

Any help would be nice, as we don't know what we're doing exactly... comments and questions are welcomed.


Mother board: MSI Z87-G41

CPU: Intel i5 4570K

GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 760

Power Supply: ThermalTake smart 550W

Is it the stock heatsink? If so I wouldn't say that's out of the ordinary.

Yeah. Stock heat sink should have temps somewhat like that. If you take it off, don't bother trying to put it back because it breaks if you remove it, and won't sit right, then you will burn up the CPU. And yes, the fan pulls air down onto the fins, and is terrible for the motherboard, so make sure you have good airflow in the case.

The stock heatsink is enough for a CPU and I am confused there's no i5 4570k only i5 4570 and 4670k so you'll be fine if not overclocking under full load your cpu should stay around 73C