Intel i5 3570k vs AMD FX 8350

I'm buying new PC and can't really decide between these two:

1. Intel core i5 3570K = 216,58€      2. AMD FX 8350 = 212,95€

I was looking forward to buy i5 but when I was TEKs video about cpu-s I was confused :/

I will use computer 78% for gaming and I don't think other stuff will be affected by cpu power

(I have OC-ing in mind too :)).

I would say just get the FX. According to the tek's video it's a lot better and it's cheaper 

Personally I would go with the i5 3570k for overclocking since I've "heard" that the core temps of the 8350 don't like going above 62-65C while the i5 3570k can hit up to 105C without errors (according to intels website).

That's true, but AMD chips generally run cooler than Intel anyway.

I'm really not sure which CPU to go with at this point, because the FX 8350 and i5 3570K are both very similar when it comes to performance. I would do more research if I were you to see which one would better suit your needs.

The i5 is still going to have better single core performance, so if you're just going to be gaming the i5 will probably benefit you more, since most games only use 2 cores. If you're going to be doing some heavy multitasking or game streaming then the 8350 might suit you better.

That is totally BS. If an i5-3570K hit 105*C the system will shut off like a failsafe to prevent any fire or nuclear explosion to occur. The CPU may be damaged. No matter what Intel CPU you work with keep it under 85*C or  it's not going to last long.

If you reach temps of 80-90 degrees under a max strain on your cpu and in game you get 50-60c im sure you will be fine.

You can't go wrong either way. Most games are single-threaded, so the i5 will be somewhat faster, but if you plan on streaming or some other stuff while gaming, than the 8 core will be better. The 8 core will OC farther, BTW.

Id go for either or, But the 3570k Usually just plain out wins at games that dont utilize 8 cores, and it games that do theyre about equal, plus the 3570k is better Oc'd (performance wise) than the 8350

Here are some benches of the 8350 comparing it to the 3570k for gaming

did anyone see logans video where the 8350 even beat the 3770k some tests. Quit being fanboys...

There is no way in the near future any games are taking full advantage of more than 4 cores. The FX6300 is as single-threaded powerful as the FX8300 but you get 6 cores instead of 8. Since the FX6300 is cheaper  you can throw more money in the GPU which is where you want the power in a gaming machine.

On an overall level, not just gaming, the 8350 lies between the i3 and the i5. Closer to the i5 though. But for gaming, either intel or amd don't be too worried. The 8350 is great as is the 3570K

ty all for your help

I personally own the AMD FX 8350 from temp perspective I'm running a Corsair H60 and when playing BF3 it never gets above 43C. In BF3 I get 60 FPS+, Arma 2, I get around 45 FPS, Sleeping Dogs with the benchmark test I got 75.3, Total War Shogun 2 i get over 65.7 FPS when benched. 

did you overclock it?