Intel i5-3570K vs AMD FX-8350 (Piledriver)


I was choosing parts for my gaming rig, and then I fell over a dilema.

I was wondering which CPU would be the best either the i5-3570K or the FX-8350?

EDIT: They cost about the same.

For a gaming/random task rig, it matters more about the strength of individual cores. In this case the 3570K is a better choice. If you do rendering or use programs that benifit from large amounts of cores, the FX-8350. If you want it for gaming I would good with Intel

Echoing what TallGeese said.

In games the FX6300 would perform about as well as the FX8350, so you should be considering either the 3570k or the FX6300. If you have the money, go for the i5.

hmm :/ okay so I guess I'll go with the i5 :)


Single threaded performance on the AMD side is still quite weak (2 or so generations behind Intel on that aspect).

The 8350 was the obvious choice for me for a couple of reasons.  #1 I wanted the best all-around processor and the 8350 is great for gaming but also multithreading (video encoding, image processing, etc.).  The other advantage of AMD vs. Intel is that AMD typically keeps the same CPU socket through multiple CPU revisions, so lower likelihood to have to upgrade your mobo in the future (not to mention the mobo prices are much less for the same features - SATA3/USB3.0, etc.)