Intel i3-3225 OR Phenom II X4 965

Hi I need help deciding what CPU to go with, I'm on a budget of £420(MAX £450).

The i3 motherboards seem to have all the good stuff (USB3 headers, 6GB/S S-ATA etc), and the AMD motherboards seem to have ridiculous amounts of PCI/-e slots (doubt i'm going X-Fire/SLi anytie soon). 

AMD CPU & Mobo £134 cheaper for me than i3 build ... whereas i3 & mobo is  £180.

Okay so this is what i've planned:

Build A:

- Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition @ £70.67

- Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 mobo [ATX] @ £62.51

- EVGA GTX 660 @ £176.18

                             - [Maybe SC Edition @ £182.17]

- Corsair Vengeance 8GB @ £38.25

- Corsair BuildersSeries CX600W @ £53.40

- Antec One Midi (has front USB3) @ £44.99

- Samsung 24x DVD Writer @ £14.43

- I have a 500GB WD HDD


             - £460.52 [with GTX 660] (+£69.99 WIN7/8 = £530.51)

             - £466.51 [with GTX 660 SC] (+£69.99 WIN7/8 = £536.5)

...This should be alright but cash for OS is out! - don't want to use Ubuntu etc :L [+£70 for WIN 7/8 OEM]

Build B uses the same components but CPU & Mobo changed...

- Intel i3 3225 [ivy bridge yaay!] @ £97.50

- Asus P8Z77-V LX [ATX & Intel Z77 chipset] @ £79.99


              - £504.74  [With GTX 660] (+69.99 WIN7/8 = £574.73)

              -£510.73 [With GTX 660 SC] (+69.99 WIN7/8 = £580.72)

! OH I forgot with both of these the Cooler Master Hyper 212 @ £24.99! 

MY BUDGET IS £450 BUT I'M GOING WAAAAAAY OVER :( what can I change.... Should I go with a Sapphire 7850 Instead? but would After affects run on that???

I want it to be a gaming rig but I don't want to lose the capability of using movie/video editiors.... or am I asking for WAAY to much??? I chose NVIDIA because of the Cuda Cores

And as for the CPU is it going to be AMD or Intel (It's a gaming rig mostly, maybe a bit of enthusiatic video editing etc...)


Sorry If I put TOO much into this Question... I'm a newbie but Thanks in advance if you've read this far ;)

-EDIT: Will I bottleneck the GPU? and I doubt I can overclock the i3 (i'll TRY to OC the X4 so do I need the after market fan?)

Ummm, Wow that's a lot to answer. First I3 vs Phenom stock speeds I3 wins in most applications, (I.e. anything not too thread heavy). Thread for thread (I3s might be dual cores but they have hyperthreading) I3 will probably win. For the Intel Mobo I suggest MSI Z77 G41/43/45 (whichever you like best, they're all pretty similar). Those are all under 100$ I don't know what that is in Euros sorry. The rest of your system is good and yea and After effects WILL WORK with an AMD GPU BUT!!! The CUDA on Nvidia cards trash AMD in Adobe programs that its kinda pointless to go AMD. You CANNOT overlclock I3s but the Phenom you can. Even then to OC the Phenom to the point where it compeats/beats the Intel solution you would most likely need a higher end cooler than the one you chose.

BTW why in the world is the 212 so expensive for you? I got it for like 20$ in Canada which is like I dunno 14 euros (probably less)?

P.S. NCIX ships internationally now so you can go check out the stuff there!

I dunno it's like £24.99 here ($40!!!)... and yep most likely going to go with the i3.... I might go with the GTX650Ti but from the online reviews I'e read the 660 has a 40-50% increase over the 650Ti ? dunno if I should but i'm on a budget! 

honestly get the 660... save up for a bit...


660 it is then! Oh and what is the actual difference between the i3-3220 & i3-3225 integrated graphics or something else I mean the 3220 is £20 cheaper 

Yes its the on chip graphics thats the difference, save yourself the 25 euros and do not get a cooler. The stock intel heatsink is more then enough especially since you will not be pushing any OC barriers with your i3.

so does the 3220 have any chip graphics or is that only with the 3225 (I suppose this wont really matter since I'll have a dedicated GPU and my mobo will also have integrated graphics incase my GPU fails or messes up etc...)

Both CPU's have Intel HD graphics, the 3225 is the HD4000 and the other one is HD something as well. Get the cheapest one definitely, that GTX660 is leagues ahead of anything intel can bring to the table.

I'm not going to overclock (you can't really overclock an i3 anyways) so does it matter if I get sandy/ivybridge?? is newer better...

EDIT: WOW there's only a £5 difference between the sandybridge & ivybridge just gonna get the latter  (^-^) 

Depends on the price, if the 3220 is only a few dollars apart from the i3 2100 i would get the ivy, but if it is a 20+ dollar difference i would stick with sandy.