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Intel FUBAR ... again - Kernel memory leak in nearly every Intel CPU of the last decade (Spectre hits everyone, Meltdown still Intel exclusive)



That makes my Mac Pro happy. Well, less sad.


Kinda makes ya wonder if AMD new about this previously to ryzen processors…and kept it under the lid… to drop at the moment of need. If so… Well Played AMD.


Okay, that means LGA1366 is mostly safe from performance regressions, but LGA1156 is screwed.


Intel’s feature bounty.


There are no differences in the extent to which different generations of PCID mitigate the performance penalty?


It’s not a bug it’s a NSA feature. “Intel Inside”.


You literally just gotta have it present to mitigate the performance loss. That’s all.




it’s not vulnerable to meltdown, spectre is still a problem (for everyone really) that’s being addressed in software for now.


nice and clear explanation, good job Eben ! Thank you noenken for referencing this.

Side channel cpu cache attacks are not particularly new, was it a defcon or a ccc talk from couple of years back where someone used a similar technique to sniff on android keyboard, or to make a pair of applications that otherwise do not have permissions to communicate, actually communicate.

btw, only university course standing between my and my masters degree is (or at least was) “instruction level parallelism”, where this type of stuff is actually studied. I ended up picked a job instead of a degree and ended up never finishing masters, but I still have the book on my shelf that I never opened. I wonder whether it mentions anything about security or implications on caching.


Epic games describes its experience as a cloud customer for mmo gaming services




Some benchmarks from VFIO users:


Words from the god of storage :slight_smile:



I am sure this next month or two is going to be wonderful :frowning:


…I think MS just decided that AMD users arent suffering enough out of all this and decided to do something about it.



I did think you posted that in the wrong place…



Yes lol

Unless there is someway I can blame their poor planning on Intel


Looks like a memory leak to me.