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Intel dGPUs are coming


By now you’ve all read the news about Intel CPU’s with Radeon graphics on the same PCB as well as them snapping up Raja Koduri from AMD.

With this news also comes a big, but subtle announcement from Intel; they are gonna start building dedicated graphics solutions.

In this position, Koduri will expand Intel’s leading position in integrated graphics for the PC market with high-end discrete graphics solutions for a broad range of computing segments.

Can this mean future gaming graphics cards from Intel?
Possibly. But it certainly means Intel is seeing the huge potential of HPC and GPUs important role in that.

Now my little birds at Intel tell me all of this is a result of one competitor Intel sees as a serious threat; Nvidia.
The GV100 compute chip from Nvidia sits alone at the throne in the Compute space, and Nvidia is making some serious money selling it.

Any thoughts on Intels future role in the GPU market?


Intel to make GPU's
Intel to make GPU's

only thing i see raja doing atm is working on a better iGPU and dedicated ai compute device.

Intel might be making there own dGPU with their own proprietary blend of 7 herbs and spices.


Intel really wants a piece of that pie and this is absolutely a direct move to snag back some of that compute market from Nvidia. Whether this mean we’ll see a dedicated gaming GPU by Intel in the future I’m skeptical. AMD and Nvidia still have all the IP in the graphics market and it would be hard for Intel to compete with that but GPU compute is another story and I can see Intel having a chance of breaking into that market.


Which can only be used with an Intel CPU of course and you have to replace it when a new gen comes out because… fk upgrades :slight_smile:


2020 confirmed.

Thanks to @trucker for link.

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Getting my schtick in now.

If nVidias marketing and tactics were bad… Oh boi! Intel is gonna show them how to cause a lawsuit. And how.


I don’t recall Raj ever smiling like that when he worked for Lisa Su :slight_smile:
“Wow I have an actual budget!”


As with AMDs resurrgence in the CPU market, having another player in the GPU market will be a good thing. I need to read up on this a bit. I wonder if they will produce a full line, or focus on professional workloads?



I would expect these would be professional/server cards only. Sure they will run game in some.form but probably not worth it or viable really.

Or they will just make one with 128GB HBM, 45,000 compute cores and 6ghz clock. But only one, running under an LN2 closed loop and everyone expects it to be out next month.


Hope they make some gaming cards too, it’s still Nvidia’s biggest source of income.


Is it? I thought that was deep learning and AI now.


Now we just need Nvidia to make x86 CPUs and the circle will be complete.


By a large margin.


I was thinking the exactly the same thing.


Wounder if Intel will go after the game console market. With Arm as a competitor and Google being so huge they could make a serious move to kill off AMD without fear of anti-trust action.

Intel hated being forced to second-source the original 8088 by IBM. Companies are like the mob, they never forget.


Raja wasn’t hired to design gaming GPU’s.
Intel is after the AI/server market.


They will make a proprietary PCIE slot which can only communicate with Intel chips 9 series and above, unless of course you are running one of their new 28 core/56 thread 5GHZ chips which will unlock the proper slots for the new card to work with. New licenses will be required anytime there is a chip upgrade, downgrade or kept the same. License charges based on CPU used, GPU used, motherboard used, RAM type License charges will be waved when running 28 core 5GHZ processor but only as a home processor and not the Xeon processor because fuck you business clients.



Intel doesn’t dictate the PCIe standard…
Ill buy their new 28 core cooler though, that bastard could cool my appartment along side my CPU on a hot summers day!


They’ll come up with their own shit. PCIEI (PCIE Intel)