Intel Core i5 4570 vs AMD FX 8350

So i was checking some price/performane cpu's

 i5 4570 is $279.85  AMD FX 8350 is $278.79 .......

Which is the best cpu here? ↑     


Where do you see an 8350 for $278/

the 8350 is less than $200 -->

4670K is only $250, where did you find 4570 for $280? I would get 4670K and Z87 motherboard because I have ability to upgrade CPU when I can.

Haha where did i found it!?!? In my country components are very expensive!!!!

Here is the list of the most ''expensive'' stuff in my country

i7 3770k $466

i5 3570k $314

AMD FX 8350 $278 

i7 4770k $474 So yeah its very expensive.Even AMD Phenom X4 is like $126!!!!