Intel core i5 3570K vs AMD FX-6300

Which is better for gaming and school? Im building a pc and can decide between the two of them.

What's your budget?

in terms of raw fps the aren't really going to make a huge difference. The i5 will probably beat the FX6300 by a little bit in most tests, but the FX6300 is SO much cheaper. Go with the FX6300. If money is no object and you want the premium intel chip then go for it, but then again if money were no object you be asking about higher level CPU's.

I am getting the FX-6300 for my next build which will be very soon. So thank you for making this thread, I was wondering how good it goes up against the newer Intel CPU's

700-1000 but i need everything like screen keyboard os and all.

FPS difference: anywhere from 0-6

Generally Intel beats AMD. I would go for the Intel model as far as you aren't on a budget. Me personal, I'm going for the FX 6200 some gaming and especially Adobe-Softwares, as I am on a budget.

You mean the 6300. 

No, I mean the 6200 Black Edition in this case. There is a slight difference between the 6300 and the 6200 but I just wanted to mention, that If someones on a budget, he should try out amd

LOL, there is no black edition in the FX series. The black edition is what AMD called the CPUs(  I believe the Phenom and Athlon line) that were easily overclockable, meaning the core multiplier was unlocked, which allowed the CPU speed to be modified without changing the FSB and HyperTransport. The non-black editions only allowed the multiplier to be lowered. And then on a standard desktop CPU allowed for an OC, but not to the point that a black edition will. All of the FX CPUs have everything unlocked, so there is no reason to call any of them black edition, because there is nothing to call the standard and non-black CPU.

Also, if you haven't gotten it yet, consider the few bucks more you could spend on the 6300, which boasts considerable improvements over the 6200, while still consuming less power( allowing for more overclocks). I even checked pcpartpicker, and the lowest listed 6200 is $10 more than the lowest listed 6300

The box even lists them as "Black Edition".

FX 6200

   Here is a video from Newegg and AMD discussing the new FX 6300 Vishera series of chips. It starts out at 3.5Hz and can comfortably go up to 4.1 Hz I just built a system with the FX 6300 on a Gigabyte GA-990FX-UD3 motherboard. I used the RAM Loan suggested which was the G Skill Ripjaw X series (2X8) DDR3 1333. This is an excellent, stable system with the CPU costing only $139.00 and the board was $154.00. For that price I honestly don’t think you can go wrong.


3570k.  Depending on where you live they can actually be cheaper than a descent FX build.

The 3570k is faster, is quad core, and uses less power.

The FX-6300 only has three "modules" which is what AMD is calling cores now, and has a 95W TDP vs 77W on the 3570k.

I don't think there is a fx-6200 either....

I stand corrected

One module= two cores sharing the same resources. So it is a hexa core. Not really necessary for gaming, but it's only around $10 more than a quad core 4300, so it has more bang for your buck.

Microcenter will sometimes put a 3570K on sale for as low as $100. But the average I've seen is $180. So unless he catches one on sale, a $120-$130 6300 will save him a lot of money.

I just checked the Newegg sites in Canada and their .com site. The Canadian site lists the i5 3570K at $234.00 with free shipping. Their .com site lists it on sale for $214.00 and again free shipping. Their regular price is $229.99. The FX 6300 at the .com site is $139.00 with free shipping and the Canadian price is the same except there is $6.99 shipping. I think you would have to look long and hard to find an i5 for $100.00.

If you need a monitor, OS, keyboard, mouse, and speakers as well, then you're better off getting the FX6300 and spending more on the video card.


If you get any new FX processors make sure your motherboard has out of box support for them. Version 2 boards from ASUS and MSI are the only ones I know of so far that support the new cpu's


How can motherboards support Am3+ but not support the new CPUs?