Intel Arc & LInux

Does it function in Linux, will it function properly, and will it pass-through easily?

Linus made an interview with some Intel arc guy. From what he said it already works great on Linux. Works best with newer APIs (Vulkan was the only one named that runs on Linux, i.e. isn’t directx). Older APIs work but you can drop half the performance in some cases.

About virtualization. It was asked, they did not answer much. As of now the focus is to make it a good gaming product was their awnswer. While they neither said yes or no, I can’t imagine they would lock down passthrough like Nvidia.


Yes and No.

You probably want Kernel 5.19 or 5.20 to run Arc GPUs if I was reading Kernel news correctly the last weeks. For everything else, ask Intel.

6 actually. I want the kernel number 6, it’s where all the new compatibility features are added. I have read that much at least. Thinking that a A750 or A770 would be a good addition for a host machine, and then have another GPU for gaming. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It’s a cheap AV1 render card, but If I only want it for the AV1 codec, I could just go for the cheapest card they have instead.


It looks like a useful 2nd GPU. If you’re not doing serious gaming then it would make an interesting main GPU. I’m considering it.
If they do make it shareable in VMs then that would be a bonus.


Nope, has to be 6+ there is no 5xx support for Arc on Linux.


I have been testing intel a380 under manjaro. Kernel 6+ is required. Best paired with linux-firmware-git. Wayland with plasma working without issues. I have no clue how to enable vaapi or hardware encoding. I have installed latest intel-media-driver and onevlp but no luck. I suspect that hardware encoding is not enabled under linux, and will required building ffmpeg from cartwheel git repo.


things stable and working well on the 6 kernel? I have been thinking about moving to it but im still on due to using a KVM for multiple computers.

I am also using kvm switch (cheap hdmi switch) and everything is ok.

o yeah? I was having issues where when I KVMed away because the EDID source changed it would constantly reset the desktop or even crash.

But I have not tested wayland in a while.

I have tested hdmi switch with Nvidia 1050, radeon 560 and now intel a 380 (each card separately) and mostly it was ok. I also have separate usb keyboard mouse switch. Maybe this is different?
I also use mesa git.

Hello guys,
the may be be off topic, but still give it a shot here.

Will there be a difference between Arc A380 and Arc A750/A770 if my usage is only ffmpeg transcoding from x264 to x265 / AV1 format ( maybe with scaling by scale_qsv ). I am considering between reusing my old pc + purchasing an Arc gpu or spending on an alder lake U series mini pc
( i am considering Intel since i have a tiger lake Pentium 7505 with 48EU machine, making me more familiar to Intel hardware accelerating )
( oh, just for more info, i am currently on ArchLinux so rocking kernel 6+ shouldn’t be a big issue for me )

I don’t think that there are different av1 encoders. There may be performance difference in filters accelerated by gpus.


The official statement is Kernel 6+, but mesa 22.20+ actually has it working and doesn’t depend on the kernel at all, and then you have the 5.14 oem kernel that Intel basically uses in order to send their drivers into with a kernel input script. So It basically works in Linux right now.

I saw a video on it the other day. ^^

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well that is cool!

You could probably fix that with an EDID emulator between your monitor and the kvm.

but I should be able to tell the card/driver that something is connected without needing to add hardware.

Plus im already using fiber DP extenders so adding another device is not idea.

I bought an A380 as well.

I am trying to set up a media server using Jellyfin, and I am ripping all of my DVDs, Blurays, and CDs to it. This project of mine is inspired by Jeff Geerling’s lovely video series.

My goal is to try to encode the content in AV1, but I am struggling to even get Handbrake to allow me to encode in AV1 at all - much less with hardware encoding.


Eventually, I think I will build a whole new rig entirely centered around this GPU and possibly an Intel Core i3 12100F.

Any recommendations for RAM and a PSU for this future system?

I found this: