Intel ARC Linux Build?

For the last year, I’ve been patiently waiting for a generic beige box to become available locally. It’s amazing how few of these are still around for sale.

Now I am looking to build a modern PC in this vintage box.

Having watched Intel ARC play out over the last year or so, I was thinking of doing an all-Intel build.

Anyone using an ARC card on Linux? Initial thoughts are “Intel’s been very open with Linux compatibility”, but there was so many different narratives around this product that I don’t know what the straight scoop really is.

I don’t need a gaming machine here as I already have my main rig for that. Just looking to build a solid, balanced, workstation-style PC that looks like it’s dialing into AOL.

Probably works somewhat looking at Reddit - Dive into anything

I’ve been using Arc on my Linux machine since the end of last year (A770 on i7-13700K machine, and A750 on w9-3495X). Since Linux 6.2 and Mesa 23, everything has been working great out of the box (both Xorg and Wayland).

Firefox 115 also enabled video acceleration with Intel GPU by default, and I was able to play 8K AV1 stream at only 25% video decoder GPU utilization (read via intel-gpu-top). Though, I’ve found that sometimes the video decoder crashed and whatever video I try to play stuck at 0%, but a quick reboot fixed it (and it happens rarely enough that it doesn’t bother me that much).

For games, it has been a hit or miss. More recent games have better luck at working. But I mostly just play FFXIV on Linux, and it has been working fine (better than Windows even, since on Windows, there were little visual artifacts in some areas, which doesn’t happen on Linux. Though they’ve since fixed this.)


Currently daily driving a A770 with a 12600KF, never really had any issues so far. Works great in linux, at least with arch or a rolling release distro.

Intel Gen 10 with an ARC A770 [ReBAR is supported]
The main point of progress, was after Linux Kernel 6.2 [1st iteration with native ARC support]
Only a few odd games given F-All [Starship Troopers], along with a few that don’t play [that] smooth
Haven’t tested OBS, but supposedly gained ARC support earlier in year