Intel 9XXX series shenanigans

Updated insight on the Hardware Unboxed Patreon. THEY RAN THE 2700X ON 4 CORES.


GNs take on it:

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Rip link/video doesn’t work on my phone


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Very strange.

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They reuploaded it. Original video had some audio issue.


Did it? Did not notice.

Oh Steve… so lulzy.


“Testing in a Vacuum. Not Dyson, cause they don’t like us…”



since the audio issue was on the sponser spot :stuck_out_tongue:
and like I’ve said on the discord if AMD did this they would get so much more flak and maybe even get sued
and I’m glad I’m not the only one whos mentioned the bit about being the first mainstream 8 core 16 thread cpu

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This could be good… Steve actually went to PT and is editing a video now with them.

9900k £599.99
2700x £294.97

For this thing to sell at its current msrp intel need for the amd option to look £300 worth of ‘worse’



Steve (Tech Jesus) has sat down with Principled Technologies for a 30min interview. They say they’re editing it TODAY:


Motherboard pricing hasn’t been released yet either… that gulf will widen significantly with that included.

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only allowing for what we assume for board price + cpu + decent cooler what do you reckon the overall price difference will be between two comparable 8 core 16 thread amd / intel builds.

would love a ‘cost per frame’ analysis to give to gamer friends who are already salivating over this.

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Depends what you consider “decent” cooler, what kind, who its from, etc. Motherboard pricing… 350+ I’m guessing, I doubt much cheaper but there be some outliers available. But you should just buy it, don’t wait, just buy it! #TomHardsware

I will be curious to see what the “new and improved” (real) benchmark results are. This is why I like GamersNexus; they call bullshit when they see it.

Decent would be Hyper 212 Evo or Arctic Freezer 33.

But as we are talking high-end parts here, Noctua NH-U14S or BeQuiet DarkRock 4.

I know whats decent, I don’t know what HE considered decent.

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