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Intel 9XXX series shenanigans



decent = whatever can handle that cpu without having it throttle under sustained load

I would assume that’s what decent means to most people.


Never mentioned air or water… but figure 80 to 100 for air, 150+ for water. So lets go low with motherboard at 250… you are looking at 850 to 1000 US for just CPU, Mobo and cooler. Yes the current Z370’s will support the 9900k but if you went midrange having VRM or power issues in general would not be shocking with the 9900k. It ain’t gonna be cheap that’s for sure.


Steve just mentioned he will be in a phone call on Paul and Kyle’s Awesome Hardware show. Both sides will air on Twitch, while Side A will be on one YT channel, and Side B on another YT channel. Onscreen chat is on Twitch:

Starts at 5:30PM Pacific!

Edit: Steve call begins at 29:04

(Side note, if you were in chat, @Cellprocessing got setup on Ubuntu!)




no real direct answers were mostly need to ask the technicians. The ones that had direct answers usually included we did X to maintain standardization across tests(game mode on, 64gb ram). Had some insight into “normal” users(cooler choice, ram/bios settings).

I will give Principal technologies the benefit of the doubt there was not any malicious intent in the publication of the results, but I will still agree with Steve’s doubts on the testing methodologies.


What a time to be alive. Intel used to get away with this crap. Now their effort to commit fraud is breaking news for tech enthusiasts all over the world.


My guess on the 64gb of ram is that they looked at the HEDT systems and were like people prob have 64gb in these on average so gotta keep it level and use in mainstream even though thats extremely unrealistic

Median vs average eh its fine imo i prefer average but not a big deal

Game mode same thing HEDT would do it since its better on there must be better on consumer board too

Ram timings was probably due to large quantity on consumer board = shitty setting to hit jedc maybe?

FFXV they didnt know the benchmark issue

Cooling the CPU no real excuse imo

Case constraints eh you pick one its level but not best for testing and would almost server worse case situation




Yeah, this sort of (severely rigged) paid benchmark before NDA release stinks.

What’s that Ghandi quote about winning again?



I’m not sure what your point here is. It’s quite standard for different academic standards to force the use of complete corporate names including trademark tags.

This is just a snippet from a report I’m working on this week.


The point is to bait & catch some of you :wink:

Reading on, you omit:

If objectively comparing these CPU’s against the i9-9900K the heading would be, “Performance delta compared to Intel® Core™ i9-9900K”. Since potentially some could be slower.

Writing advantage for makes the distinct impression you have decided the outcome before doing the testing, and perhaps further that testing may be selected to cast the i9-9900k in a favourable light.


That said I think Principled Tech & Bill Catchings have handled this quite professionally and committed themselves to correcting their testing according to points of criticism raised. Some points remain of course, but I want to focus on how this whole sequence of events was ultimately. handled.

Responding to this so quickly and in this way is quite an amicable trait and one I wish to see more of in the industry at large.

Really What Gamers Nexus, Hardware Unboxed, Anandtech, Techspot, Level 1, Principled Tech and many unnamed others are doing is a real science with it’s own processes and methodologies that has it’s own unique Peer review system.

I shall give them the fair chance to address concerns raised.
After all ultimately we shall compare it to the rest of the testing community.

So a big thank you to Steve from both Gamers Nexus & Hardware Unboxed that really got the ball rolling on this. And a particular big thank you to Principled Technologies and Bill Catchings for taking on the interview and addressing concerns raised.

This really goes to show what healthy journalism and discourse in technology can be like. If though they didn’t get things right, they where still open to discussion instead of ignoring/denying it.


Now watch them get away with it anyway…


I already posted this on discord, but I’ll post it here just for everyone else to see.

What I found to be the main issue with this is that Testing hardware is clearly not PT’s core competency.
It’s a marketing company not a technical one.
They make nice slides and advertising materials, and usually not test tech.

Intel can do better testing internally.
So why contract this out to PT?

Intel is using PT as a lightning rod to absolve themselves of legal responsibility, which is a nasty thing to do to a relatively small shop.

If intel did it themselves and purposely released falsified/manipulated/wrong data that makes their competitor look much worse, they’d be in legal trouble.


It certainly does seem like they’re a consumer data company, as they’re trying to push the “consumer” aspect of what a “normal uneducated consumer” would do, vs a “enthusiast,” which they put in a different consumer class.

Trying to justify mass stupidity just cause it’s what the majority of consumers would do, isn’t a good justification for these test results.

Edit: In the closing thoughts, the co-founder is sounding a lot like Leo Laporte.



soooo dummy companies that allow corporations to spew marketing lies while giving them a shield to hide behind?

the thing that gets me is that if it is indeed 100% as shady as it looks then how dumb did they think everyone is?


They don’t need everyone to be dumb. They just need to get people to see this first and pre-order. Which some probably did.


takes a slow deep breath

Ahh, the good old Athlon days back really are back again after all.
I don’t smoke but all of a sudden I have this urge for a cigar.


But where they really good?


I dunno, i think they did a pretty professional job of crippling Ryzen in a manner that they then defended reasonably well (considering i would personally rate their testing methodology as indefensible).