Instructions for setting up local copy of Wikipedia

Hello there!
I have tried to set up a local copy of Wikipedia on my home server (FreeNAS).
But unfortunately all guides seem to be outdated or maybe I have not found the right one. Do anyone of you know if there is a working up-to-date guide that I can follow (or at least partly follow)?

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Reminds me of that article where Africans put files on the wiki pages to have free download. Or having your own rule 34/ 4chan wikipedia.

worth looking trough this project.
Wikipedia English is 61GB today.

also wiki voyage is a nice to run in kiwix on your phone if you ever go traveling.

At 61 GB thats not bad at all given how cheap HDD storage is these days. Save a copy for the apocalypse :)

its also easy with Kiwix to put it on a 64G sdcard and you got a copy of wikipedia when you got no internet in your pocket.