Installing windows


First post here!

So I had some issues with my motherboard, basically it died and has been replaced. But I have been having some troubles re installing windows.

Every time I reboot without the install usb in it comes up showing “reboot snd select proper boot device”, I have to select windows boot manager off the install usb and boot onto thay then select the windows from the ssd.
It is running on ssd can remove install media once booted in.

Strangely enough I have no issue what so ever with Ubuntu, I have installed that and then it easily boots into this first time every time. But if I select the windows partition off the ssd it will not load in. Instead always have to select the windows boot manager on usb first.
It never used to be this way but might I need to move that boot manager onto the ssd? Then just always select the first of the two options?

Have looked at a few posts but finding it hard to find someone with the same issue/behaviour as me!

You might try rebuilding the BCD maybe?


If trooper_ish’s suggestion doesn’t pan out try reinstalling a fresh copy of windows. I know windows 10 oem will not reactivate on a new mobo vs the retail copy. Something tells me that you’ve got a corrupted ssd (from the old mobo dyeing and writing bad data).