Installing Windows without a Disk Drive

Is there anyway that I can install windows onto a PC without a disk drive?

Some pc's support booting off of usb. If yours is capable of doing so you can install the windows image on a usb drive and install it that way.

find the iso online (may need to be the identical build as your key) (even if i knew were to find one off the top of my head i wouldn't tell you)

write the iso to a usb drive (formated) (it will be atleast a handful of files if it was written corectly, not just the iso file on the drive), make sure bios is set to check usb first, boot up with flash drive in USB 2 port, install as normal

Cool thanks.

First, make sure your mobo supports booting off the USB (in this day and age, most mobos do anyway)

Find the ISO, then format your USB;

I usually format it in CMD (run it as admin) then do the following;

Type in diskpart, then press enter

Type in list disk, then enter (take note of which disk is your USB)

Type in select disk X (where X is the designated number your USB is), enter

Type clean, then press enter

Type create partition primary, then enter

Type active, then enter

Type format fs=fat32 quick, then enter and wait for the format to complete

Finally type assign, then enter

Afterwhich you can exit CMD, open your USB and copy the ISO files unto your USB.

Restart your PC and have your system boot from the USB Flash Drive, then it will be exactly the same as installing from a disk drive...


There is also a program for this made my Microsoft that works really easily.

The program is called Windows 7 USB/DVD tool and contrary to its name, it can be used with OSs other than Windows 7.