Installing MATLAB on Linux

Hi all,

I am trying to install MATLAB in Debian 8.2, and the installer runs under normal conditions, but it cannot install without creating folders etc.
When I give it super user permissions, or run it as root all that happens is this:

Preparing installation files ...
Installing ...

Which lies. Its not installed.

Any idea on why this is? Or how to fix it


Is this a legit full copy or a student copy?

If its a student copy I might call matlab and ask them if the student copy can be installed on linux. It could be some trimmed down and it might not have all the correct files for install.

It is a student copy, but I wouldn't have thought files would be trimmed down considering you get full access to that and simulink. It's all the same installer I'm fairly sure. Yeah I'll give them a call Monday and see what the deal is .