Installing driver help

Hi everyone I'm building my first PC and need some help on installing drivers.  I've watched plenty of videos about them but am still confused about what to actually install.  I could really use some help.  So far this is what I got from the hours of videos I've seen.  Some of the hardware comes with the driver disks but can be outdated and need to be updated.  So you install the OS first than install all the drivers that come with the hardware.  Plug in an ethernet cable and download all the new OS updates.  Get on the internet, go to all the manufactures websites and download all the new updated stuff for the model motherboard, graphics card, etc you have?  Again, I'm new to this and may sound like an idiot, but would appreciate any and all help/advice.

Install OS (windows, linux etc will have enough of an idea of your hardware and generic drivers will be sorted for you), head online to your hardware manufactures website and grab the latest drivers as you know about anyways. Once everything is all good and proper, best to create a system restore point (if in windows) so you can go back if something cakes it later on. Then game on  :-)