Installing Arch on Acer Aspire S7 (raid ssd)

This ultrabook is equipped with 2 ssd's in raid 0 by default (no setup required) and during the install, Fdisk sees them as separate drives, but cfdisk only sees one of them. How do I install Arch across both as a raid 0 to get all of the space? I can provide info as needed or screenshots

Have you checked out the Arch wiki on RAID?

OK, so after a bunch of digging, I've concluded that it uses FakeRAID via Intel RapidStore Tech.

I was able to get into the opROM of the intel raid controller, delete the configs and re-create the raid for its full size.

Boot back into the arch installer, and fdisk -l still lists /dev/sda and /dev/sdb as separate drives at the top of the list, but at the bottom it shows a /dev/md126 with the full RAID capacity.

So do I just proceed the install on /dev/md126 as one would on /dev/sda ?

Complete the install on /dev/md126