Installing a Linux OS on a Surface 2 RT?

Hey everyone, I’ve had some trouble finding much information about whether it’s possible to get linux up and running on the Surface RTs. I have read that certain keys were leaked that may make it possible, but I haven’t been able to find anyone that’s done it. Is this doable or should I resign myself to just SSH?

Nvidia Tegra 4 soc, 2GB ram, sounds like a phone with a big screen.

If you’re into porting, then, If/when you open it up, look for a small chip in SOIC-8 package connected directly to the soc, that should contain at least the bootloader, you can get a Pomona or a 3M SOIC-8 clip and connect to the raspberry pi SPI and use flashrom to backup whatever you have there, or flash and reflash various bootloaders and maybe you could even fit a small kernel there.

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Of course it was on the xda forums, I knew I should have done a bit more searching there. I hadn’t even considered flashing different bootloaders, seems like an fun little project. Thanks for your help

This thread is pretty much the go to for what works on surface

If you get the keys working… worth updating people.