Installed new psu now cpu will not start

I recently bought a Raidmax 535w thunder v2 psu from newegg. I was installing it today on my computer that was working before i tried installing it, but when i turned the computer on after installing the psu it would not enter post. My cd drive turned on, floppy drive lights were on, hard drive started, and my cpu cooling fan and my case fans connected through mobo all turned on. The 4 pin cpu power connecter was connected perfectly fine.

I figured it was the new power supply and maybe the cords got damaged somehow, but when i pluged the old stock psu back in it did the same thing. The pins on the mobo looked perfectly fine. I couldn't figure out what the problem was.I have a feeling that something happened to the cpu maybe? I didn't touch anything but the power cabels so i have no idea what else could be wrong.

Cpu: Amd Semperon le-1150

cpu cooler: Stock amd

Motherboard: Gigabyte ga-m61sme-s2

Psu: new- raidmax 535w thunder v2       old- delta electronics 300w

saw other posts online while researching a fix to this and they said there maybe a problem with the ram but i hiighly doubt it but here it is anyway.

ram: ddr2-800 super talent 2gb stick and a lifetime memory products 1gb stick.

I have another working computer that i am gonna test parts in to figure out the problem.

-thank you

what does your monitor show? Does it wake up? Have you tried reseating your gpu? have you tried removing bios battery? does your computer beep when powering on? if so- how many beeps (short and/or long)?

My moniter doesn't show anything or wake up. This computer doesn't have a gpu. And the computer is not enterying post or check the hardware for any problems, so it doesn't beep at all. And i havn't tried removing the bios battery. Could you explain why that maybe the problem before i attempt it?

i don't know if that will help, but it WONT hurt. worst case scenario, it will rest the BIOS to default and you will have to reset the time an date lol

put back the old delta psu, if the system is working again, then the raidmax psu is dead, and you have to RMA it.

Would not be suppriced, you got a doa one, cause raidmax isn´t realy, what they call an A-class product.

I think I have narrowed it down to the motherboard. I put in my other computer's AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ cpu into this machine and it still didn't work. Hopefully a new mobo will fix this problem i use newegg and they only have one that supports a Am2 socket. Any other site suggestions?

i did switchout the bios batery and that didn't work with both cpus, and both psu's didn't work either with the new cpu.