Install Ubuntu 17.04 on zfs root

Hi guys,

My name is Karl I’m from Norway age 58,i install Ubuntu 17.04 on zfs root ,i do it like this zfsonlinus it work good on my Notebook and this from my wife.So i try to install on my PC Asus Prime H 270 Pro Core i 7 ,16 Gb Ram and Corsair Force MP500 240GB M.2 PCIe SSD it didn’t work, if i come to this ( sgdisk -a1 -n2:512:2047 -t2:EF02 /dev/disk/by-id/) i got a CRC error,don’t know what i should do.Somebody have a tip?

regards Karl

  • Hi i have tried Ubuntu ZFS root on PCI ssd before and it have bever worked so i think it is a kernel issue or grub2 bootloader.

  • And is Ubuntu 17.04 still a supported release.

  • I am also from Norway by the way​:grin::+1: