Install MS DirectMusic on Windows 7

I've been playing the steam FFVIII release on an old XP machine that scarcely can even play it. I can't play it on my general PC as it has Windows 7 and Microsoft's DirectMusic isn't available for it as far as I can tell. When remastering the game it seems Square decided to leave the games music in sgt format which requires, the now defunct, DirectMusic.

There are fan made mods to solve this but I would prefer making the sgt files work.

Is it possible to use DirectMusic or something else to play sgt files? I know it's apart of
I've tried to install just that from the above but with no luck. There's no entry in the Windows event viewer either.

can you play the audio with VLC?

I just tried it now and no it cannot play them.

Found this wiki page about it. Looks like there are 4 different players that support it.