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Inspiron 9300 - WoW Classic


I just finish refurbishing this beast from 2005. Now that WoW Classic is up and going. Anyone thinking of using some their legacy hardware from around then to relive the memories? Thinking it would be a lot of fun to upgrade it to the max. :slight_smile:

Specs below:

Core M 1.86 Ghz
1 Gb of DDR2
120 Gb Hard Drive (5400 RPM)
Radeon X1600 128 Mb
17" Glossy Screen
Windows XP Media Center Edition



I don’t know, everything about this sounds awesome apart from the fact that you are playing online with a severely outdated OS. I’ve always been for retro gaming and hardware. But anything that touches the internet for me needs to be reasonably updated or so old/obscure that no-one thinks about exploiting it.
Running XP seems to be asking for Problems, as much as i’d personally like to do that.

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I look back on those days with great fondness, they were better than the Win9x and ME days :crazy_face:

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I agree, it’s dangerous with the current state of the interwebs. I may take the risk just for a while to take me back :slight_smile:



Absolutely! So perfect…no driver or random bugs any where :rofl:




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'Scuse me I have to go throw up somewhere.

I like pentium M’s and all but there was a PENTIUM M IN THE FUCKING CORE LINE ARE YOU KIDDING ME

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