Insightful view on the Monopolization of the Internet

Link to Video:

After watching this sitdown with Susan Crawford and Bill Moyer I thought that many on this site might find this interview of sorts to be an insightful if not enjoyable watch and just maybe spark a discussion or two.  For someone with an inside view of the workings of the media giants Crawford has a lot to say about the subject and this little 25 minute of discussion is probably a snippet of what she has to say about the subject. She has a book out called "Captive Audience: The Telecom Industry and Monopoly Power in the New Gilded Age" that just might be worth the read to further identify her take on the "Media Giants" and the decline of the internet through the use of the US government.  Even though I may be riding high on the Fios fiber train I can only wish for the expansion of google fiber to push the notion of cheap, fast, and reliable internet to everyone. This is the age of information yet our government mentality is still thinking in the stone and chisel age. As the older generations are weeded from government we could use people, like Crawford, who are more logical on the views of social progress and aren't in the game for solely financial gains.What's your take on the current situation? I know many of our fellow non-American/Canadian members might not have to worry about this topic, but there might be some outlying factors that could effect them on this topic.

Oh snap, bet me to it.