Insane SSD Deal!

120GB OCZ Vertex2 SSD Refurbished is on sale! Check out the link and thank me later!

It's sata II

"OCZ" probably the most unreliable ssd, made more unreliable by being Refurbished :/

Where'd you hear that? My friend* owns a vertex 4 and he hasn't had a single hiccup, ever.

We can also save $40 with buying Norton Security too!

it's no secret just google them.

Sorry if this isn't the best SSD I had to recently upgrade my PC and I was looking through deals and saw this one and deemed it noteworthy enough to share on the forums. I know that there are many people fairly new to PCs and PC gaming so I figured that I could help them out if they were looking into getting an SSD and weren't willing to spend 100 USD to get one.

Really? I've never heard this! I've had my OCZ Agility 3 for over a year and a half, with multiple OS installs and re-installs, no issues, still very quick!

Have you had any personal negative experience with an OCZ SSD?

120GB with SATA 2, no thanks