Insane shipping costs - Epic pants

13.50 to post one t-shirt, ok makes sense I suppose to post to Australia... Jumps up to 22.50 to post 2 t-shirts???

C'mon guys pull the other one, would like to support you guys by buying the merch but thats ridiculous.

We mark it up by 15-20% only. We are small, we have very low prices for our shirts (for the quality). If we did crazy volume we could get discounts on shipping, but we do not qualify yet. If we did not charge for shipping we would not be able to have a store at this point. We did send a few boxes to Amazon Prime to help with this. Also, if you are overseas, the fees went way up at the beginning of 2016. I hope we increase volume enough when the mouse arrives in the store. I'm not happy with the prices either, but it's that or not have a store.... Being small is rough.


Dont put the blame on @Logan

I know its frustrating but the price of all postal stuff has gone through the roof over the past few years. I mailed a letter (yep a bog standard LETTER) to my uncle in Boston MA from my place (Canberra) and to send it express cost $27.50 thanks very much Australia Post.

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...on EP shipping fees that's still not much, only a couple bucks, and the $ from shipping are not set by & do not go to EP but the global shipping companies like FedEx & Toll Int'l instead. But then there's 4ex to consider, so it creeps up again...

To be honest I think EP shipping rates are pretty good for such a small business, and compare favourably with some much larger operators so try to cut them a little slack, they'd ship for a buck if they could.

Personally, I've wondered if there's ways to co-op the shipping, like if people from a given country or state could all place their orders and they get shipped together, if that would reduce costs (and be possible) - guess the logistics are too hard and risky... I wish more of my $ was going to EP/TS and more of their 1007 was going to me.

@Logan, is there was a way to buy EP merch and have it held in a box kinda like the way comic stores do, so you buy your EP 1007 with a 'ship later' option, then choose & pay shipping for the lot at a later date when it's more economical, and possibly better 4ex rates?

Or would that be a Major.PITA™ for EP Storage Area Shelves & gen biz risk?


That is an interesting idea. I'll look into it.


Yeah I'll officially hijack this thread now to raise something I've been thinking about for a while:

If TS ever want to use a crowd funding model to produce merch, docos, stuph™, or whatever, PM me coz I'll happily help you to GoFundYourselves & KickStarter you up the indiegogo :)

Heck, I'll even TeeSpring for a good graphic.

off topic then.

I don't know how the prices are from US -> EU, but when I sent a small envelope containing a shirt from EU -> US I had to pay mere 7€, but when ordering from EP it says 13.50$ (+ ~70%, to Austria to be precise). Is this due to EP or are there no other viable options to send shirts the business way?

I have noticed a lot of people saying that shipping costs from the US postal has gone up since Jan 2016.

It would be really good if shipping could be reduced for international orders somehow.

I've noticed some things on Amazon which is great. I assume though you get a smaller cut of that. Maybe there's a place in the EU that stock could be held that would allow for cheaper shipping around the rest of the world?

If shipping in bulk is cheaper a ship later option might be a nice idea. Or maybe an option to ship at a certain date where everything to Australia for example is shipped at once, no idea if that's possible or cheaper.

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Cool. Coz I want 1x pallet Nicola Tesla ASCII shirts.

And a can of fresh VermontAir©™

And 2x live performance by Zweihänder with encore package & dancing ponies upgrade. Wuht? I like Spanish horses....

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It cost $10 to ship two shirts 250 km within the United States. Granted the envelope it was in was a $6.45 USPS Flat Rate envelope, but wharever.

So I'm thinking that, as much as it sucks, $20+ to get to Europe or Oceania sounds about right.

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Will there be merch at the lan party?


I just ordered the 3 pack of desk mat's to the Yukon(Canada) and it was only $24(32 Canadian Rupies) shipping.

Yeah that may seem high but for a small company I would say that's fair.

If I were to buy a $60 motherboard from Newegg they would charge me $30 to ship it and they're not a very small company at all.

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my 2 cents ...

the shirts themselves are less pricey compared to many other (bigger companies) selling print shirts...and the quality of the EP stuff is fab...

So yeah €20+ shipping for a couple of shirts may sound like a lot, but i've said this before and will say it again, i happilly pay shipping costs because i stand behind TS and EP 100%, the merch is high quality, shipping is fast, prices for the merch itself or not super high compared to the quality of garments and prints you get in return. Also quick mention of vermontgreenprinting and epicjohn, don't know them personally of course, but they are a cool company, so TS made the right choice with them and i hope they will keep working together.

---I will keep ordering as long as i am happy with the quality of both the prints and the garments, admitted i preferred the next level girl shirts over the district ones, but the district ones have thicker fabric so are a bit more tough. -----

This store needs to run, therefor it needs to make atleast a tiny bit of profit, the more the better, of course, and it must be frustrating to try and keep your head above water as a small company...but it's doable if you keep delivering quality.


It's a shame but I don't think there's anyone to blame or any real way to patch the situation at least currently.. I was disappointed to see the shipping cost of 2 T-shirts and a desk mat come out to $21 dollars (I'm in the states) because there's a big difference between a $70 grand total and a $90 dollar one for me. Couldn't do it, have to just settle for the shirts for now. Maybe I'm just spoiled by Amazon Prime.

That being said, I agree with @hvm_kim and I like to support Tek Syndicate any way I can within my budget. If more of that is absorbed by shipping than extra merch, so be it.

they arent amazon prime..... lay off

To add my 2p, I'd like to support and advertise the Tek more by buying from the store but the shipping prices to the UK have been putting me off most of the time.
I know that there are mouse mats and desk mats for the UK Amazon but is there any chance of getting the other items on there as well?

It would be great as well if the shirt of the month was listed on there as well with a disclaimer to state that they get sent out in batches. I don't know how that would work but maybe one big box from Epic Pants containing each order that gets split out when it reaches the UK? Maybe somewhere down the line...

On a side note, is everything done as a flat rate, based on weight/quantity or are the rates direct from a carrier's shipping API? If they're live can other carriers be listed too - it might be cheaper to send some orders by Endicia and others by UPS? I appreciate that it would be a lot for a small company to sort out multiple carriers though. Food for thought.

usually logistics can be more complex than just compare all the carriers and display all the different rates on the screen so that the customer can choose what they want. for a small business that would be alot of wheels turning for that. as far as out of country purchases you cant expect to get a great rate unless you purchase a bulk order. {business bulk}

im assuming they do a flat rate from a specific carrier they have pickup for the end of the day and have the packages finished by pickup. having all carriers or multiple drop offs would be a waste or resources time and money. but then again i dont know how large their actual process or warehouse is.

Theres a guy on youtube (EEVBlog) that I watch regularly. He is from Australia and regularly gets packages from viewers all over the world. I'd say about 90% of the time the post on the package is more than the value of the item itself.