Input on airflow

First, I want to thank everyone helped me put my first build together. I have my final orders placed and vacation requested so I can enjoy this without being rushed.  The last question I have is about setting up my case for the best temps possible.  I am considering using front two 120mm fans, the 200mm side fan and a 120mm fan in front of the PSU as intakes.  This will leave the rear 140mm and the h100i as exhaust.  I have also read that it is better to run this rad in pull so it makes cleaning it easier.  I was also planning on mounting the PSU upside down so it draws cool air through the filter from outside the case.  Is this a good set up, or am I missing something? Thank you for the help.

Example of H100i set up I am thinking about.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^- Airflow

-------------------------- - Top Cover

------------------------- - Fans

_______________ - Case

[                            ] - H100i



yeah thats pretty good. you cant really do much more then that. well except on the case i see that the HDD drive bays are facing you, so if you could remove one(if you are not using it) and turn the other torwards the back of the case so that the air flows through it much easier. to you get what im saying?

Yeah I didn't think of that.  I am only using 2 drives in this right now so I can take out one of the HDD racks for a little better airflow.  Thanks.