InnoVEX: You need tech that doesn't yet exist? No problem, let's build it (during Computex) | Level One Techs

This video is about less about Computex and more about the amazing connections and opportunities that you can forge during Computex at InnoVEX.

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I see arrogant prick in golden armour, I press like.

Poignant, like you are writing the great American novel.

This place seems like a nice clean dystopian cyberpunk future, without the punks and dystopia of course! Is it seasonal? Do the shops ramp up to match conventions like this? Or is it pretty much like this all year round?

All year round.

I met a guy that can turn an f1.2 xray rodenstock lens into a m4/3 lens for my camera for probably around $200-300 american. I want to, but also I’m a cheap bastard. That might be an interesting video though. Its a little much for what would be a “toy”

I got it for nothing from salvage, basically. and I have a little thread adapter I can use it with a canon 50mm which takes really funky macro pictures in that case.

But lots of cool stuff like that all the time.

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Yeah looks like they nice nice photos, but isn’t that something you could do with a photoshop filter anyway? Do you really need that many lenses these days? Probably an iphone app that does all that with one button press.

Is there alot of industrial espionage going on there? Can you walk into a place with a product from company X and get them to make a blueprint of it for you? Or get them to tool up and make clones of things? :slight_smile: