Infinite Crisis Key?

Anybody got one I can have?

New time I get one, I will shot it your way. :)

I'd love that man

I ended up speaking to EA support at like 2AM about pulling over some older retail games i got back in the day to put in digital on my origin acc seeing as i no longer have a optical drive. About to install my copy of crisis now see if my new rig can run the game *I doubt it though :P*

lol Infinite Crisis man, not Crisis.

Infinite Crisis is a MOBA with DC Comics characters

I have an extra key if you are still looking for one.

Yup, still am. If you wanna send it to me I'd be very greatful

Okay I sent it to you, and if anyone else is interested in one let me know i have a few extras.

I redeemed it but it still says Application Pending 

Just read it can take awhile so I'll just be patient.  Thanks again for the code! :D

No problem I have some extras so why not give them out.

I would be interested in a key if you still have one left :-)

Sent you a Key still have 3 left if anyone is interested.

LOL my bad. Turns out Crysis doesn't even work on Windows 8 anyways :/

If you still have one i would be very great full for one :)

can i have one?



Sent out all of my Keys

I don't know if you received my reply email for sure or not, but thank you much for the key again :-)

Got it! thanks!