I am 14yrs old and i really want to build my own PC, i've been all over the internet and watched hundreds of videos including yours in the past year, i am also familiar with what i need and how all the parts fit together and how to choose compatiable hardware, installing an OS seems easy aswell. The problem is i have limited practical experiance in building computers (other than the occasinal RAM installation in school).

Do you think it would be wise for me to build a pc, or just go on build a pc websites and and pay the extra 17% VAT to get a less powerful machine as a result?

Not a problem. You don't really need any experience to assemble PCs, just follow basic rules and you'll be fine.

If you can play with Legos, then you can assemble a PC.

Legos, whew, Legos, man why set the bar so high?


By all means build it yourself man! It is not difficult at all to assemble, I made my own computer when i was 15, I was a little nervous, but it works perfectly to this day! 

Just try not to build it on a carpet ;)

I was 14 when I took my first Computer Technology class in High School. Spent the entirety of the class taking computers apart and putting them back together, then helping the teacher with his side projects and stuff. It really isn't that difficult to learn, you just need to take things slowly and read up so you don't damage anything.

Don't ever be afraid of learning what you want to do. You say you don't have experience, well, this is how you earn some, this is how you start.

I am 15, and 2 months ago I build my first PC in 4 hours. It is fun, and really worth the money you'll save.

NOTE* I never saw the inside of a pc in real life before i build it.

As brennan said, its pretty much like lego.

The only times it ever gets tricky is when you get poor documentation e.g bad manuals.

It's really easy, especially compared to a long time ago. Once upon a time there were psu connectors to the motherboard that would fit on two ways. The first may well work the second would often throw sparks! Today things are a thousand times easier I believe, simply because almost everything is color coded, silkscreened, keyed or otherwise marked.

 Anyways just do it!

I was in pretty much the same situation as you, 14 at the time, having only poked around inside computers before and having seen youtube videos on the subject, but I went ahead and did it, and it worked. It's really simple if you know what to do, so go ahead.

Good luck!


I build my first computer at the age of 15 based off of videos and common sense so I think you can do it.  The hardest part is finding the best parts to buy for the money.

I built mine when I was 13 (?). I'm using it right now.

Built mine when i was 14 due to my awesome brother.  If you know anyone who knows anything about building pc's get them to help use them as a teacher.

I built my first one a year ago when I was 15 by just watching videos online (neweggs got a good couple)