Inexpensive but decent optical gaming mouse

So, I love the Corsair M65/M45 gaming mice and first wanted to pick up another one for my office system. But then I started looking around and stumbled upon the Pirexx MX-1800R on Amazon. It looked strangely similar to the M65 and was only €14.99 so I went ahead and ordered one.

The mouse arrived today and I was pleasantly surprised. The mouse's design is clearly a copy of the Corsair design, it's quite heavy due to the solid aluminum construction and comes with exchangeable grip pieces to adjust to different hand sizes. It has a braided USB cable of decent length, Omron switches and a sensor that goes up to 4000dpi.
The LED-lighting is adjustable through the Perixx software which I haven't tried yet, by default it changes colors depending on the dpi-setting you choose.

I just wanted to share this because I think it's a pretty good "bang-for-the-buck" find and maybe someone here is looking for an inexpensive gaming mouse right now. I don't know whether it's available in the US, I couldn't find it on, but for all the Europeans here this could be interesting.

Most of the cheap Chinese mice are pretty solid all around, at least the decently reviewed ones naturally.

Generally with a mouse the most important part is not just about all the features and gizmos it can bring for the lowest price. The most important and often overlooked part is if your hand likes it. I generally prefer to get pretty big, medium weight yet flat mouses since I've got two giant paws and don't want to deal with the wrist strain from long duration usage. Also pay attention to the materials used. I avoid the plastic rubber coated ones, as well as all metal powder coated ones. They'll get sweaty and nasty quite quickly and the paint etc will peel off. Mousewheel step is also something you should check for, in some cases where the mouse wheel steps are too far apart it can get quite annoying after a while I've sometimes found.

slightly off topic, I think the cheap knock-offs are a good way to try before you buy the real thing.

Exactly, that's why I like that it comes with exchangeable grips. My hands are also quite large but not huge, so I installed the bigger grip on the left and the smaller one on the right side. Now it's really comfortable.
The sides where your fingers rest are made out of some sort of soft-touch plastic that feels a lot like the back of my Nexus 5, the top is just a matt metallic-ish plastic.

Looks pretty solid. I have 3 E-3lue mice since they work really well for the price.