Indy 2230 storage array

Hey guys I got this storage array from work and wanted to know if it was worth keeping it works according to the IT department but it's archaic and don't know much about running it or any array for that matter any help would be appreciated

--Has 6 removable IDE hard drive bays.*
--Output is SCSI.
--Supports Raid 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5.
--Password Protected
--RS-232 Terminal.
--Dual (aka redundant) power supplies.

Well, IDE drives - good luck finding them
SCSI output, wow thats a DAS box, youd need a SCIS controller as well

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Yea I was thinking of gutting it and rebuilding it since it was so old maybe maybe a network storage array of some sort

You will have to check if that is possible at all, the backplane is IDE and most likely wont fit a SATA or SAS compatible one, so maybe you can attach the disks directly if you actually can fit a mainboard into it.

Give it a shot, you can always bring it to recycling if it wont work out ^^

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Yea I was thinking of gutting it and reusing the enclosure and modding it for a mitx

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