Industrial PC Case OEM's

Hi guys

My company (a system integrator based in Switzerland) is looking for PC case OEM’s and brands that are open to designing custom tooling and manufacturing in relatively small numbers. We sell about 100-150 systems a month, not much more than that.

We have worked with AIO Group for our custom designed cases for 5 years now. Nothing special, just mid to full towers with a mesh front, 6 to 9 very airflow-restricting 3.5" bays, and most importantly, 2 or 3 5.25" bays, because our customers desperately need those for some reason.

Now, we haven’t been happy with AIO’s QC and our case’s airflow performance lately, so we’re looking for alternatives. We’re planning to expand our line-up to more workstation-oriented high-end components, which our cases simply cannot accomodate.

Can anyone working in the system integration field (like Puget Systems, Falcon Northwest, Cyberpower etc) recommend a PC case OEM that can manufacture cases customized to our needs?

Something like the Fractal Meshify S2, but with at least one 5,25" bay and without the “angular” mesh design would be ideal. Also, no windowed side panels.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

I am happy with all Silverstone products I worked with so far, and they have an OEM/ODM programm on their website.

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Have been thinking Silverstone too, having built in their Precision cases multiple times now. Didn’t know they also had a OEM/ODM program, good to know.
I’ll definitely forward that to our PM’s, thanks for your input. :slight_smile: