Increasing/Optimizing SSD Lifespan

Found this video. Is it still relevant? Going to finally build my PC this weekend. Anything else i need to know to increase the life of my SSD and make sure it isn't doing any unnecessary BS?

Mostly just disable the paging file for it, possibly disable the recycle bin. and just make sure TRIM is enabled.

Also I'm not sure how much writing many small files would compare to writing the same amount of data in one big file would affect life span, but compressing your stuff is usually a good idea

Don't worry about it. Back in the early days, wear due to writing was an issue indeed. However those days are long gone. Nowadays they're more reliable than HDDs.

The average modern 250GB SSD can handle anywhere between 500TB and 1PB of writes, some even more. If you write 100GB per day to it, it'll take somewhere between 15 and 25 years to actually wear an SSD out. You'll have upgraded to a larger one long before that happens, nevermind the fact that 100GB per day is an insane amount to begin with.

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What OS are you installing?

This video covers most of the basics, which are: make sure sure SATA mode in BIOS is set to ACHI before installing OS; disable paging file; disable prefetch/superfetch; turn drive indexing off; make sure SSD is being optimized, not defragmented; move any high write program temp folders from SSD.

Of the above, I personally make sure to enable ACHI SATA mode in the BIOS; turn off drive indexing; make sure to not defrag SSD (not really an issue on Windows 8-10), move high write temp folders. I did have the paging file disabled although I had to re-enable it for some game to work. I also did have prefetch/superfetch disabled before I updated to Windows 10; which I have only just rememberd. I may or may not disable it; I remember it being a bit of a bother to disable.

As CaptainChaos stated, SSDs can take quite a bit of punishment these days, so I actually wouldn't worry about it too much.

For an in depth exhaustive guide, here is probably the best on the internet:

most ssd's will last a very long time

its not conclusive but it shows you how well designed they are.

no realocated sectors till over 100tb writes then the first drive went into read only mode after 600tb (intel)
first drive to actually die was the kingston at 800tb

(first drive with realocated sectors was the samsung 840 evo)

one of the drives got to over 2petra bytes of writes before they died

i dont know about you guys but to write 600tb over sata3 on a 2.5" ssd would take a long time.

ive had my 840 pro for nearly 3 years and only written 11.6tb.

remember guys there is a problem with async trim and samsung drives in linux that causes lose of files there is a patch but im not sure what caused it