In the market for a new gaming laptop

Sorry if this isnt the correct place to put this.

I've been in the market for a light/thin laptop (something like the asus zenbook) but figured i can get something a lot more powerful for the money because i would like to carry it around to friends houses for some gaming sessions. 

so at the moment ive decided that i want a 14 inch gaming laptop because im not too keen on buying anything bigger than a 15.6 inch (would prefer a 14 inch the most) if i got a 17/18 inch it would just end up being a desktop replacement. (please dont tell me to build my own gaming pc, that defeats the purpose of what im intending to do with this gaming pc plus ive already built a gaming rig)

so the laptops ive had in mind are the alienware m14x, the origin EON 14 inch, and the razer blade 14 inch (although i think its somewhat overpriced compared to the other ones ive mentioned with the same specs) i prefer the alienware out of all of them mainly because of the looks but also is a about a hundred cheaper. 

if anyone has had experience with these laptops (good or bad) would really appreciate it if you could share them and if you know of any other 14 inch gaming laptops.

btw i live in canada. 

I'm planning to get the Lenovo Y410p later this year.  Take a look, perhaps?

How much do you want to spend?

thanks for the reply. looks like a nice laptop, although its not as powerful as id like it to be.

well the 14 inch laptops usually dont go passed a certain spec point i believe. but i think around  1400 dollars. less if possible of course. im mainly looking to see if people have had any experiences with these laptops since i havent had a laptop in years.